About Jean M. Walker

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Jean and her son, Tommy

Jean M. Walker

​Jean Marie (Myers) Walker was born in Kansas City, Missouri where she still resides. Jean is a MUFON Star-Team Field Investigator, speaker, author, and educator.

She is the Section Director and Secretary for the MUFON, Kansas City Chapter and has investigated many cases in Missouri. She is also the KC Director for QUEST Paranormal Investigation Group. 

 Jean’s great grandmother was a well-known psychic in the Kansas City area, and Jean has followed through with many of her grandmother’s traits. Jean is an educator who taught middle school Science for the Kansas City, Missouri School District. She has a BA from Central Missouri State University in Elementary Education, Middle School Certification, Science, and Language Arts. She has an MA degree in Education and Computers from Webster University in Kansas City, Missouri.

After teaching Science for almost 20 years Jean is now retired. In retirement, she finally has the time to follow up on a lifetime of strange experiences. Jean became a MUFON Field Investigator in 2011. She is working diligently trying to help find out what is going on in our universe and here on Earth. In this book, Jean has been able to put into writing many of her lifetime experiences with UFOs and alien abductions since childhood along with her brother’s experiences. She is also speaking out about many of the psychic and paranormal events taking place in her family. Jean has been doing speaking engagements concerning her UFO investigations. She feels the need now to help to educate the public concerning what is really happening with the UFO phenomena. She is hoping to educate and help counsel others about the phenomena and the fact we are not alone!

Jean started writing a cookbook titled “Out of This World Recipes.” She also has plans to write more books and continues to educate herself in the study of UFOs. She hopes by working with MUFON and other field investigators, and by doing research in this field, she will increase her knowledge base in these areas of study.​